Coat of Arms of Janez Vajkard Valvasor.
The historical roll of arms is intended to highlight the history of heraldry of Slovenia, but presenting not only personal coats of arms of historical figures, but historical coats of arms of Names, institutions, governments, idealogies, etc. all of which have a part of the history of Slovenian history. This fascinating display of historical arms demonstrates the colorful and often chaotic events of Slovenian history, beginning with some of the earliest known heraldic coats of arms to other heraldic symbols, often times ignoring the rules of heraldry resulting in periodically unattractive coats of arms. The coats of arms displayed in this roll range from the very familiar Carantanian black panther, to the personal arms of historical figures such as Janez Vajkard Valvasor, to the coats of arms designed and employed by the Communist regime in the 20th century.

The presentation of the historical coats of arms will include a brief description of the historical figure or event. Any important sources which elaborate on the arms or the individual/event will be included in this roll. All presentations in this roll is for informational purposes, and is not intended to reflect any political or idealogical philosophies or beliefs.


To view a particular coat of arms, click on the letter below which is the first letter of name. A new window will materialize showing "thumbnail" images of all arms in which its name begins with the letter clicked on earlier. Then on the thumbnail page, find the name of interest, and click on the "thumbnail" image in order to retrieve a page containing a full colour presentation of the arms, including its blazon.

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