Slovenian Genealogy Society Slovenian Genealogical Society (SGS) was founded in March 1995, formalizing a group of family researchers who were working on the subject of genealogy in an informal way. SGS is an association of amateur researchers and its aim is to support research in the area of genealogy and associated disciplines.

There are three main activities that characterizes the work of the Society. It publishes a bulletin, entitled "Drevesa" (The Trees), its members meet every second Tuesday of every month, and the Society organizes events on special topics - presentations are often accompanied by practical work and demonstrations. Membership with the RHSC Slovenija Branch entitles the member to a 10% discount on the membership fees for the SGS.

Slovenian Heraldry Slovenska heraldika (SH) (Slovenian Heraldry - only in Slovenian) was formed in 2007 and is focused on the education and promotion of the art, science and practise of Slovenian heraldry for Slovenians. The online resources available are designed as a portal to comprehensive sources of Slovenian heraldic history, heraldry concepts, ecclesiastical heraldry, historical heraldic seals and introduces heraldry foundations important for people to understand how armorial bearings are created and the rules under which they must conform.