The Armory is the Branch's publication, is planned initially to be published once annually. It will contain articles on the subject of Slovenian heraldry, both current and historical, book reviews on relevant heraldic publications, heraldry developments in Slovenia and with Slovenes in foreign countries, and Society announcements, notices and developments. Periodically, The Armory will include special articles contributed by heraldry experts based in some other culture which also practices the art and science of heraldry.

A publication such as The Armory is only as good as its contributions, and therefore, the Slovenija Branch encourages members to submit to the editor of The Armory, candidate articles and papers to be considered for future publications. The Armory will be published in colour and will be available only in an electronic format online to members of the Slovenija Branch.

 If you wish to submit a candidate article for review by The Armory editor for consideration for a future publication, send your article as an attachment by email to the editor by clicking on the envelope icon.