The heraldry resources offer the reader a variety of sources of information pertaining to various aspects of subject of heraldry. These include research articles, recommended books, online links to relevant heraldic sites, and interactive forums. All material presented in the articles and forums do not necessarily reflect the opinion or principles of the Slovenija Branch or the Society. It is left to the reader to decide on their own accord whether or not the material presented is valid and credible. Slovenija Branch strives to bring forward all information related to heraldry in a non-political manner, and reviewed by the executive as having a valid source and is credible. Therefore, if some material should possess a "flavour" of politics, it was considered for inclusion should the heraldic subject was determined to be of value and deemed to positively support the topic of heraldry.

A "verboten" subject is the discussion or presentation of material pertaining to Chivalric Orders. This area is highly charged, frequently emotional and are often populated with individuals who are "less than chivalric". The Slovenija Branch nor the Society will evaluate the validity or display any chivalric awards, title or heraldic additments, nor does it align itself with any chivalric order of any kind. Society members will not display heraldic additments in their pesonal armorial bearings relating to affiliations with any unrecognized chivalric orders, self-styled chivalric orders, nor fantasy groups. For those interested in more information, the register of the International Commission of Orders of Chivalry maintains a list of recognized orders of chivalry not awarded by sovereign states. The prinicples used by the Commission can also serve as a useful guide.

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