Roll of arms began to appear during the mediaeval period. They were collections of armorial illustrations beginning simply as sketches of arms representing the armigerous knights who were present on a certain occasion or at a particular event. From this the roll of arms format evolved during succeeding historical periods to cover groups and organizations of armigers - both military and civil. It is the desire of the RHSC to include as much detail on each armorial achievement displayed in this roll with dates, sources, and blazon. This roll of arms is categorized into four main sections described in detail below.
(Pognon, Edmond M, trans. Le Livre des Tournois du Roi Rene, c1460. Paris: Editions Hercher, 1986. P24.) The King of Arms of the Duke of Brittany presents a roll painted with the arms of those proposed to judges of a tournament to the Duke of Bourbon.

The Slovenija Branch nor does the Society evaluate the validity or display any chivalric awards, title or heraldic additments, nor does it align itself with any chivalric order of any kind. Society and Slovenija Branch members are not permitted to display heraldic additments in their pesonal armorial bearings on this roll relating to affiliations with any unrecognized chivalric orders, self-styled chivalric orders, or fantasy groups. For those interested in more information, the register of the International Commission of Orders of Chivalry maintains a list of recognized orders of chivalry not awarded by sovereign states. The prinicples used by the Commission can also serve as a useful guide.

The presentation of arms on the Society's roll or the Slovenija Branch's municipal and historical arms in no way displaces the need nor the requirement for an official heraldic registrar. It is the desire of the Society and the Slovenija Branch that Slovenia will continue to evolve their new commission who's initial responsibility is the archiving and registration of municipal heraldic achievements in Slovenia. The Society and the Slovenija Branch will continue to display personal, municipal, institutional and historical arms for the purpose of education and for the purpose of displaying the beauty of heraldry to its membership and to the public in general.

Category 1: RHSC Arms

The roll of personal, corporate and institutional arms is a repository of armorial bearings of Society members. In order for members to have their personal arms included in the roll, they must be in their second year of membership with the Society.

Slovenian Arms

Category 1: Ecclesiastical Arms

The listing of ecclesiastical arms is for educational and presentation purposes only. The listing is not complete, and may never be completed. The ecclesiastical arms will include those of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, both contemporary and historical arms for educational purposes.

Category 2: Municipal Arms

The listing of the Slovenian municipal arms is purely for educational and presentation purposes. The recently created Commission for Public Symbol, Coat of Arms, Flag, Seal and Stamp Judgment operating under the Replublic of Slovenia's Archives will initially review all Slovenian municipal arms and encourage their re-design should the arms not follow standard heraldic rules. The Commission will also register the arms in the Slovenian Archvies.

Category 3: Institutional Arms

The listing of institutional arms which are members of the RHSC are included in the Society's roll of arms and demarcated as "institutional arms" with the entry having a green title bar.

Category 4: Historical Arms

The listing of historical arms covers Slovenian historical figures and institutions that had possessed heraldic achievements. This presentation is purely educational for the purpose of presenting to the membership and the public, the colorful and beautiful achievements found in the history of Slovenia.